Sara is an awesome physio; professional and kind. She listens carefully to my tales of aches and pains and quickly works to reduce pain and increase movement. She has done wonders with my back and I feel the effects straight away after a visit. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!



Sara was fantastic at getting me back on my feet after a partial calf rupture. She was very professional and gave plenty of advice with regards to my recovery. Sara also took me in the gym onsite once I was back on my feet and gave me plenty of rehabilitation exercises. I would highly recommend her.



I have had a series of injuries and have seen Bethan on a number of occasions. She has always diagnosed my issues quickly and put into place effective treatment and suggested exercises which have enabled me to recover relatively quickly and sensibly. Bethan is a consummate professional with a warm and friendly personality. I would recommend her without question.



I have seen Bethan many times over the last few years. She has treated me for ongoing back problems and a more recent shoulder issue. I find her most professional and friendly. She listens sympathetically, treats accordingly and offers superb advice. My shoulder issue is resolved and my long-term back problems hugely improved both through treatment and Bethan’s sound advice on exercise and other strategies to manage the condition effectively.



I have seen Sara Gordon on multiple occasions over the last 6 or 8 years for different issues. With her I have the full confidence that she can figure out the root cause of a problem and doesn’t just treat the symptoms. She makes you understand what the root cause is and devices exercises for you to improve your symptoms and prevent them from coming again. I would recommended her and have done so in the past.



I have been a ‘frequent flyer’ with Sara since she set up at the Club over 12 years ago. She has guided me through several major post-operative scenarios and has treated me for numerous other problems in between. She is an amazing diagnostician, a consummate professional and a delightful person with it!



I have had several physiotherapy sessions with Bethan and have to say she is amazing. She always puts you at ease by explaining exactly what it is she doing and why throughout the treatment and certainly knows her stuff. Thank you Bethan I will be back!



Sara’s friendly and professional welcome always puts me at ease. Sara explains clearly what’s causing a physical problem, and for me I think that’s often been the most important first step to full recovery – helping me to understand what will help and what might exacerbate an injury.

Sara takes an injury seriously, but is reassuring in addressing it, from relaxing massage to more challenging exercises, it feels as if this is real partnership work in practice.

Sara has challenged me, without judgement or cajoling, to take my own physical health seriously and helping me to live life to the full.



I’ve relied upon Bethan to help get me back to fighting fitness a couple of times over the past year, after sustaining injuries through marathon training. On both occasions her first-class physiotherapy techniques, as well as her advice about measures I could take to prevent further injury, proved to be invaluable. I hope that I don’t end up requiring physiotherapy in the near future, but if I do – I’m confident knowing that Bethan and Sara will get me back on my feet.



I have been privileged to have been treated by Sara for a number of years as I have a mild chronic condition (a slight curl in my back) which needs to be kept in line or it is quite debilitating. Sara is brilliant at knowing just how much physio is needed on any occasion I visit – sometimes modest, sometime, if I slip into an acute condition, more intense. I also have other (non-back) pains from time to time and she sorts these for me too. She is always warm and professional and I would unhesitatingly recommend her to any of my friends or family – as indeed I have done.



My Consultant Surgeon recommended Sara to me following hip replacement. Her treatment, extensive knowledge and advice has proved invaluable and I have progressed from being unable to get in and out of the bath, or easily up and down from the floor to now walking easily and horse riding regularly. Thank you Sara. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.



Quick appointments and excellent treatment. Very understanding therapist who treats and gives practical advice. Highly recommended!



Suffering with a severe back pain I was recommended by my private health insurance to book some sessions with Sara. Little did I know that after only four sessions of physio and acupuncture I would be back up and running. Sara immediately detected the problem and treated it, a combination of her expertise, knowledge and professionalism helped me back to a full recovery, thank you Sara.



Sara is an extremely knowledgeable and professional Physio, she has diagnosed and resolved 2 issues with my back pain over the last 5 years. She not only quickly solved the initial problem but also provides bespoke consultations for preventative measures. I originally limped in to her studio in pain and left with noticeably more mobility and less pain after just the initial consultation.



I had suffered with debilitating back pain for in excess of 5 years being diagnosed with prolapsed discs and degenerate disc disease. My GP recommended Sara saying many patients spoke highly of her. Sara was honest with her treatment plan making it clear there was no quick fix however within a few months I experienced significantly less pain and became able to walk increasingly longer distances. Sara has transformed my life and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a physiotherapist.



Physiotherapy is a trusted and safe treatment for muscular skeletal problems including back pain, whiplash and joint/muscle problems.


Pilates is a method of exercise designed to improve abdominal and back strength, improve posture and prevent back and neck pain.

Women’s Health

One of the main causes of incontinence is weak pelvic floor muscles. Try physiotherapy first to strengthen these muscles.

Mummy MOT

A Mummy MOT is a specialist postnatal examination for women following both vaginal and C-section deliveries.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a gentle, pain-free, pressure body massage technique which helps the body’s lymphatic system.

Home Visits

Home Visits can be arranged for patients with limited mobility and those who would benefit from functional exercises.

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