Physiotherapy in the post Covid-19 era

Sadly, things will be different now that we must be aware of spreading and contracting the virus. Sara Gordon & Associates will make all reasonable measures to keep us, our patients and all our friends and families safe. Our full policy is available below if you want to read it. The important points are as follows:

  1. When you make an appointment online, you will get an email confirming your request. The appointment will then be confirmed by us, you may be asked to move the appointment by 10 or 15 minutes to opimise our diary. Please fill in the consent form below and bring it with you. It asks you to assure us that you and the people in your household are well, Covid-19 free and that your agree to treatment. See below for advice on how to wash/sanitise effectively. Please wear a mask, if you don’t have one, you can buy one from us for £2(cost). 
  2. If you’d prefer a Zoom appointment, call Sara Gordon on 0777 388 5950.
  3. Please don’t attend a face to face appointment if you are unwell. If you feel ill on the day of your appointment and need to cancel, of course there will be no charge. It would be appreciated if you can take a lateral flow test prior to treatment.
  4. The physiotherapist will be wearing PPE and will have taken a lateral flow test twice weekly.
  5. The room will be cleaned between patients, paper on the cleaned couch (no fluffy couch cover). This will mean there is a 15-minute gap between appointments to allow for cleaning.

We hope that these measures are temporary, PPE is uncomfortable and seems unfriendly. However, most of what we will be doing to keep the room clean and you and us safe (eg hand washing and new couch roll for each patient) is much the same as always. If you have any questions, please email or call us for a chat.

Further Information

The Physiotherapist

The physiotherapist should arrive at work in her own clothes and change into a clean uniform at work. She will then change out of work clothes, taking them home in a pillow case to be laundered at home at 60 degrees and/or laundry sanitiser.

Arms should be bare from the elbows down, nails short and neat, no jewellery and no varnish.

Hands will be washed with soap and warm water to the elbow for at least 20 seconds before and after each patient.

Physiotherapist will wear a N95 mask (one per shift) and a clean apron and gloves for each patient.

The Treatment Room

Tidy and clutter free. Couch without couch cover, pillows and couch covered in couch roll. Chair covered in couch roll. Basket for patient’s keys/phone etc, lined with couch roll.

Couch roll to be changed after each patient and the couch cleaned with hard surface sanitiser taking special note around the face hole.

PDQ machine sprayed with sanitiser before and after use.

Any surfaces touch by patient or physiotherapist cleaned and sanitised including ultrasound head.

Laptop wiped after each use with sanitiser

Towels and pillow cases changed after each patient.

All surfaces and sink wiped and sanitised at the end of each day.

Bin emptied as needed, and at end of day.

The Patient

Patients will be assessed on the telephone by the physiotherapist. A virtual appointment will be given if at all possible.

If a face to face appointment is the only clinical option:

The patient:

  • must not have a temperature >37.8, a new continuous cough, or changed sense of smell or taste
  • will not be seen if diagnosed with Covid-19 and should be self-isolating
  • Must attend alone
  • Will wash hands or use sanitiser or entering the building and before and after treatment
  • Will take reasonable measure to avoid exposure to Covid-19
  • Will not attend if feeling unwell
  • Will maintain social distancing where possible in the building


Will be the usual length (45 minutes for a new assessment, 30 minutes for a follow up).

No new appointments will be made by reception until the physiotherapist has spoken with the patient to assess if a Virtual Appointment can be done.

A 15-minute gap will be between appointments to allow for cleaning.

How to make an appointment

Click the button below to make an appointment:

Book Appointment

At your first appointment, the physiotherapist will assess you. Your condition will be carefully explained to you and a treatment plan formulated with you. You will generally receive treatment at your assessment. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and you will be given advice on what to do to aid and maintain your recovery. This may include exercise to mobilise or strengthen; it may involve postural or ergonomic advice for use at work or the home or car.

A doctor’s referral is required if you want to claim from your health insurance company, otherwise, a doctor’s referral is not necessary.


  • Assessment (45 minutes) £57
  • Follow up (30 minutes) £46

Payment can be made by card, cash, or cheque. There is no additional charge for credit or debit cards.

Direct claims can be made with your health insurance company with a doctor’s referral. Otherwise, you do not need to see your doctor.

We ask that 24 hours’ notice is given if you need to cancel, otherwise, a charge may be made.


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