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Many patients ask where they can buy small items to help with their recovery, for example bands, spiky balls, foam rollers, TENS machines or tape.

In the past I have recommended looking on Amazon, but in this Post-Covid age I feel that we should try to support local suppliers; Trimbio are based near Horsham and I have used them for many years and found them to be reliable. Indeed, I bought my first ultrasound from Simon (the owner of Trimbio) nearly
25 years ago! We’ve both come a long way since then…

Click the link below to be taken to their website. All prices include VAT and carriage.

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Physiotherapy is a trusted and safe treatment for muscular skeletal problems including back pain, whiplash and joint/muscle problems.

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Pilates is a method of exercise designed to improve abdominal and back strength, improve posture and prevent back and neck pain.

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Women’s Health

One of the main causes of incontinence is weak pelvic floor muscles. Try physiotherapy first to strengthen these muscles.

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Mommy MOT

A Mummy MOT is a specialist postnatal examination for women following both vaginal and C-section deliveries.

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