As a physiotherapist, I practiced acupuncture around 20 years ago but let my registration lapse - mainly due to lack of time. However I have decided to renew my training and have had a sink fitted in the treatment room to meet with local regulations.

I am very excited about acupuncture - so much has been found out about acupuncture in the last 20 years. Of course, the Chinese always knew it worked and had their own theories (more about them later) but now Western Science has been using the latest technology to prove that acupuncture as definite, measurable effects.

  • It works on a local level to improve blood flow to an injured area
  • It causes changes in the brain - this has been shown on MRI scans - the pain centres in the brain "quieten down" so reducing how we feel pain
  • It causes the production of endorphins - natural pain killers

The Classical Chinese Medicine talks about the "Qi" flowing through meridians and getting blocked. Acupuncture helps the Qi to flow better.

As part of my recent course I have used acupuncture on a few patients and had some great results. The treatment is always part of the usual physiotherapy treatment so the problem I am treating has improved but also we have had some unexpected and welcome "side effects" such as sleeping well, feeling relaxed and less anxious. Also some beneficial effects on "lower intestines" with people who have been taking codeine for pain for some time - you can guess the rest!

In short, acupuncture is a safe, effective treatment for anything that I would treat as a physiotherapist. It is particularly good for:

  • Headaches/whiplash
  • Tennis/Golfers' elbow
  • Low back pain and sciatica
  • Very severe pain - where even the lightest touch is painful
  • It is good for smoking cessation and weight loss but I don't treat that at the moment - but watch this space!

The only people acupuncture is contraindicated for are:

  • Those who don't consent!
  • Those on Warferin whose INR is >3
  • Those with uncontrolled epilepsy
  • Those with very poor skin condition or open wounds where the acupuncture would take place.

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